Pablo Alvarez
Technical Lead at Learnovate Centre, Trinity College Dublin


Pablo Alvarez is a Telecommunications Engineer, holds a Master's Thesis in Physics & Technology and a Master's Degree in Mathematical Engineering. He has been working for 8 years in Spain as a Professor in IT Schools. Main subjects: Web Software Design, Database Design & Management, OS Management, Sofware Development, Hardware, Building Telecommunications, Graphics, Robotics Arduino Programming. In 2013 he moved to Brazil. Exploiting social skills, his expertise and knowledge in Software Development, Math Modelling and Electronic System Automation, he developed IT solutions and founded an R&D department. Back to Europe, he worked for 4 years in Ireland as a UI Software Engineer and Scrum Master for the development of a new customer platform. Since 2020, Pablo has worked for Learnovate Centre at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). As a Tech Lead and Innovation Consultant, he focuses on validating people’s problems and designs EdTech solutions that match people’s needs.