In association with the Singapore and UK governments, this year at TechXLR8 we are launching a training academy focusing on the successful implementation of AI in enterprises

For business professionals and AI / ML Engineer

This comprehensive training programme is designed specifically for business leaders, operational leads, and project managers to enable you to successfully identify, launch and scale up AI projects that solve real business challenges

Solve real business challenges

Training focusses on five key areas where AI can add value: cost reduction; revenue increase; accuracy improvement; productivity; and engagement. It also covers the responsible use of AI.

The modules are also beneficial for junior AI / ML Engineers and Data Scientists, who would like to gain the skills and knowledge needed to deliver AI projects in the business setting.

If you’re an experienced AI / ML Engineer, we also have a course for you, which is perfect for upskilling. Find out more link to the AI / ML Engineers section

Unlock the power of AI…with support along the way

Training at TechXLR8 will be delivered in person by skilled trainers who have real-life experience rolling out successful AI projects in businesses. The onsite programme consists of interactive workshops, practical exercises, and real-world case studies.

But that’s not all… the academy continues following the conference, with ongoing learning and support offered for three months afterward, as well as invites to topical roundtables with like-minded AI enthusiasts.

At-a-glance: The programme for business professionals

The Programme for AI/ML Engineers

Why do non-technical roles need AI training

Businesses around the globe are today using AI to process huge amounts of data, driving not only efficiencies and cost savings but also new revenue streams. We have truly moved beyond the hype stage to real-world applications.

However, a huge percentage of AI projects fail every year. Why? Often, it’s simply because companies fail to bring together the right teams to effectively operationalise AI.

Whilst technically skilled workers, like data scientists, are a must-have, businesses also need to ensure their leaders, department heads, and project leads are trained effectively to ensure the success of any AI implementation.

Enter AI for Business Academy.