7 June 2023 | Morning


ATxAI, organised by IMDA, will take place on 7 June 2023 at Capella Singapore. This flagship conference will see a return of visionaries, experts, governments and industry from East and West to engage in thought-provoking conversations about global trends in AI trustworthiness and regulations, cutting-edge AI technologies, and their implications for digital economy and society.

Strategic Developments in AI Regulations and their Impact on Economy and Society

AI Verify Showcase

Generative AI, the New Paradigm of AI – What is it and What are its Implications for Industry?

Fireside Chat: Future of health

Key Stats

A key highlight of ATxSummit is the ATxAI conference. Thought leaders, industry experts and policy makers from key leading AI countries convened and discussed strategic values of AI governance, technology trends and showcased real-life implementations of such technology over the last two years. Here are our key statistics from ATxAI 2021 and 2022.