Thijs Feryn
Tech Evangelist at Varnish Software


As the Technical Evangelist at Varnish Software, Thijs Feryn focuses on web performance, software scalability, and content delivery. He demonstrates contentdriven and technical messaging through presentations, videos, books, blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, and other media. Thijs is a published author and wrote Getting Started with Varnish Cache and Varnish 6 by Example. As a public speaker, he has a track record of over 250 presentations in 18 different countries, where he is often praised for his energetic and engaging presentation style. As an evangelist, Thijs is also active in many open-source communities, most notably the Varnish and PHP community. He has contributed to various communities for over 15 years both technically and as an organizer and facilitator. Prior to joining Varnish Software, Thijs Feryn spent 15 years in the web hosting industry, tackling web performance and scalability issues on a daily basis and evangelizing these topics. Learn more on his LinkedIn and Twitter.