Mayuko Yamazaki
Head of Promotion and Public Relations at Abema TV


Mayuko has been in charge of Promotion and Marketing of the video streaming service ABEMA since its launch in 2016 and has been creating buzz as ABEMA has grown.

She is currently engaged as the head of Promotion and public relations for ABEMA as a whole.

In particular, she has been the head of PR for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, which ABEMA broadcasted all 64 matches for the first time in Japan and has attracted a lot of attention throughout Japan and contributed to ABEMA's record-breaking WAU record.

She is now also involved in the promotion of MLB, which has been the focused genre since the achievement and the attention grew after the World Cup. She is also familiar with promotion methods as ABEMA’s uniqueness for programming for young people. Those methods and Marketing and Promotion strategies are competitive with others as a service.

As a female manager at ABEMA, she is also participating in ABEMA's project to develop and increase female managers within the company.