Uday Reddy
Founder & CEO at YuppTV


From village roots to tech visionary, Uday Reddy's story is one of remarkable transformation.

As a Founder & CEO of YuppTV, he built a global leader in live and catch-up TV solutions (OTT), overcoming piracy challenges and forging key partnerships. YuppTV, under his leadership, became a technology powerhouse offering OTT, streaming, and cloud-based solutions.

Uday's passion extends beyond business. Recognizing the educational gap in rural India, he launched the affordable edtech platform 'Turito,' providing live interactive classes and top faculty to bridge the gap for students seeking higher education. His philanthropic heart shines through the Bright Life Foundation, focused on improving education for underprivileged children, starting in his home village of Veenavanka in ( Karimnagar Dist) India.