Valy Phommachak
CEO at Econox Laos


Valy Phommachak is an ecologist & journalist specialized in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation. In 2018, She founded Econox Laos, a social enterprise for the protection of the environment and sustainable local community development. Ms Phommachak has an experience of over 8 years of training and coaching in the area of environment and child’s rights - youth empowerment from both her career and as a community change maker of Global Shapers Community Vientiane, under the World Economic Forum. By seeing inclusivity as a core, Econox Laos under Valy’s leadership has involved government, private sectors and public, especially local communities in its focal projects. She has led projects to protect about 200 hectares of watershed forest and wetland in Laos which is estimated to contribute to 1,600 tons of carbon sequestration per year. Moreover, Valy Phommachak is a well-known host and moderator in Laos as it is her talent-development avocation. She also founded Econews Laos, the first and only environmental news platform in Laos, and she is currently working as an environmental journalist & mentor for 15 young environmental journalists to contribute to amplifying youth’s voices on environmental & social issues.

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