Nicholas Lee
CEO at EZ Link


Nicholas Lee is the Chief Executive Officer at EZ-Link, where he oversees the strategic direction and growth of the company. He is also responsible for driving adoption, transactions and applications of the EZ-Link card, Singapore’s leading contactless smart card. Armed with a background in systems integration and electrical engineering, Nicholas has spent two decades of his career championing contactless, electronic payments in Singapore. In 2000, Nicholas was assigned to manage the island-wide implementation and development of a S$300 million front- and back-end system for the first EZ-Link card at the Land Transport Authority (LTA). With the launch of the card in 2002, he joined LTA’s newly formed EZ-Link subsidiary and was subsequently appointed Senior Vice President in 2003, with overall responsibility for strategic business and technology development, before progressing to his current role. Under Nicholas’ leadership, EZ-Link has pioneered innovations pivotal to driving Singapore’s cashless society vision. This includes the introduction of the first CEPAS-compliant EZ-Link card, which extended EZ-Link’s presence beyond public transport and into the retail and F&B sectors, and the EZ-Link app, to provide value-added digital services. Nicholas also oversaw the development of Pay by Wallet in collaboration with Mastercard, resulting in the world’s first digital wallet product globally to leverage Mastercard’s Pay by Account technology for making contactless and e-commerce payments including recurring payments at Mastercard accepting merchants worldwide. Nicholas is a strong advocate of giving back to the local community, and continues to champion initiatives in partnership with non-profit organisations such as Community Chest, the Dyslexia Association and Singapore Red Cross. Additionally, Nicholas also holds the position of 1st Vice Chair and Chairman, Digital Transformation Center in SGTech. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tri-State University, USA.