Snehal Pansare
Data and AI Architect at IBM


Snehal is an accomplished Senior Solution Architect specializing in the Data and AI domain within IBM, boasting over 14 years of rich industry experience. In her current capacity, Snehal holds the critical responsibility of providing expert guidance to Global System Integrators (GSIs) across multiple facets of the AI landscape. This includes Generative AI, AI Governance, Data Fabric, MLOps, as well as overseeing the extensive Data and AI portfolio within IBM. One of Snehal's distinctive strengths lies in her profound understanding of the emerging field of Generative AI and need of the hour, AI Governance. Here, she actively explores and engineers diverse industry use cases, harnessing the potential of this cutting-edge technology. Notably, Snehal has significantly contributed to the field, having filed three patents in the realm of Data Fabric and the application of AI to tackle real-world industry challenges. Her impressive background and innovative approach make her a distinguished professional in the ever-evolving landscape of Data and AI solutions.