Sudhir Tiku
VP - Asia and China at Bosch


Sudhir is an Automation expert, Technologist, and a Certified Futurist, based out of Singapore. For work, he is Vice President for Asia Pacific and China at Bosch Singapore. Sudhir has over two decades of diverse Experience in the Automation Industry and joined Bosch from GE, where he held a senior Management role and handled a large Portfolio of Detection and Automation products. Prior to GE, he worked at Tyco Corporation USA and Tata Honeywell and held various leadership roles across territories. His interest is Computer Vision and visual analytics.

Sudhir Tiku has an engineering degree in Electronics and a masters in diverse subjects like Finance and Ethics. He is member of IEEE Singapore on standardization and also a badge holder of AI Ethics from London School of Economics. He is a regular at TEDx circles in Asia Pacific on topics of AI and its impact on humanity. He is author of acclaimed book “Life Stolen” and is a passionate climber and explorer.