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The Tech Horizon: Fostering Innovation, Shaping the Future

Asia Tech x Singapore is back, and we are inviting trailblazers, industry leaders, and innovative thinkers to share their knowledge and insights at Asia’s leading tech event.

We're looking for dynamic speakers who can inspire and inform. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh voice, we invite you to submit your proposal to speak on one of our multiple stages across ATxEnterprise anchor events: ATxEnterprise Headliners, BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia, and TechXLR8 Asia.

Pioneering Stages: Your Launchpad to Ignite and Inspire

Covering a wide range of topics in Media, Broadcast, ICT, and Innovative Tech, our stages are designed to highlight technological advancements. Each stage represents a specific area within the broader technological landscape, aimed at promoting engaging discussions, fostering discovery, and enabling a fruitful exchange of ideas. If you have innovative ideas or insights relevant to any of these areas, we want to hear from you.

Spotlight on Broadcast, ICT, and Tech Innovations

Dive into a realm where broadcast, ICT, and the latest tech conversations gather. Our curated ATxEnterprise stages echo the vibrant and dynamic shifts molding the modern tech landscape. Engage with forward-thinking minds, explore fresh perspectives, and be at the forefront of discussions driving the tech narrative forward. If any of the topics below resonate with you, we warmly invite you to join us, share your insights, and contribute to the rich tapestry of discussions at Asia Tech x Singapore.

Your knowledge and insights are the catalysts for driving forward the discussions that shape our digital tomorrow. Check out our FAQ below for more information. Applications close Wednesday, 24 January 2024.

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