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ATxEnterprise Alliance Business Development Mission 2024

Unlock New Market Opportunities in Vietnam

About the Mission

Dive into the vibrant Vietnamese market with the ATxEnterprise Alliance Business Development Mission 2024. This mission is your gateway to exploring new business horizons, leveraging our robust technology and ministerial networks to create meaningful connections. Our goal is to foster dynamic collaborations between solution providers and Vietnamese tech companies, offering a powerful platform to showcase your cutting-edge products and services. Join us to drive business growth and amplify the Vietnam-Singapore Partnership for Growth and Innovation.

Mission Goals

Enhance Collaboration

Forge impactful partnerships between international solution providers and Vietnamese tech companies. This mission will facilitate direct engagements through structured meetings and networking events, enabling participants to build lasting business relationships. By connecting with key stakeholders and decision-makers in Vietnam, you can identify new opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures that drive mutual growth and innovation.

Spotlight Technology

Showcase your innovative products and services in key sectors such as Fintech, Telecommunications, E-commerce, Manufacturing, and Broadcasting Equipment. The mission provides a platform to demonstrate your solutions to a wide audience, including potential partners, buyers, and government officials. Highlight your technological advancements and gain insights into the Vietnamese market's needs and preferences, positioning your company as a leader in the industry.

Strengthen Partnerships

Bolster the Vietnam-Singapore Partnership for Growth and Innovation. By participating in this mission, you will contribute to the ongoing collaboration between these two dynamic economies. Engage in high-level discussions with Vietnamese officials and business leaders to reinforce the strategic alliance and explore new avenues for cooperative growth. Your involvement will help solidify the economic and technological bonds between Vietnam and Singapore, paving the way for future initiatives and collaborations.

Vietnam – A Rising Destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Why Join the Mission?

  1. Industrial Growth and Opportunities
    • Post-pandemic growth with favorable investment policies.
    • Strategic location with abundant natural resources.
    • Government efforts to attract and improve foreign investment environment.
  2. Expanding Vietnamese Companies
    • Companies like VinFast moving headquarters to Singapore for better market access.
    • Singapore as Vietnam's largest source of foreign investment amid global supply chain shifts.
  3. Digital and Tech Potential
    • 5th highest internet penetration in Southeast Asia with 70% internet and 67% smartphone usage.
    • Booming technology sector with strong government support, attracting giants like Google and Microsoft.
  4. Economic Growth and Strategic Location
    • Consistent economic growth driven by manufacturing and a growing middle class.
    • Situated at global trade crossroads, offering access to major markets in Asia, Europe, and America.
    • Shared borders with China, Laos, Cambodia, and an extensive coastline facilitating maritime trade.
  5. Skilled Workforce and Investment Incentives
    • Young, well-educated population providing a competitive workforce.
    • Attractive investment policies including tax incentives and support for digital transformation initiatives.