Organised by: Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) Singapore and the National University of Singapore

ATxAI Conference

Singapore's ATxAI Conference 2021 brings together industry thought leaders, policymakers and experts from the East and West to discuss leading technological trends and their implications for businesses and policy making, and provide insights on the value of AI governance to industry. Attendees can also learn about the successes of implementations of Trustworthy AI in the real world through presentations and demonstrations from participating global and local companies.

Panel #1: Value of AI Governance to the Industry: Perspectives from the East and West

Does strong governance always mean compliance and cost? How can Trustworthy AI drive business value creation? What new business opportunities does AI governance present? What are the implications for policymakers and investors around the world?

Panel #2: How to Use Technologies to Achieve #TrustedAI

What are the state-of-the-art technologies and emerging technological trends to support AI governance? What do these trends mean for businesses and policy-making? What opportunities are there for the international community to facilitate interoperable benchmarks for Trustworthy AI?